Friday, December 12, 2014

LAMAG Objection to Redrow's Appeal re Refusal of 2000 homes application

LAMAG have now submitted their objection document to the Planning Inspectorate (PINS).
The information that is available at time of writing suggests that the Inquiry is scheduled to start on the 14th of July, 2015.

You can read the Objection Document by clicking the link below:

Sunday, December 22, 2013

LAMAG makes formal complaint to CwAC

Over the weekend LAMAG made a formal complaint heavily criticising CWaC’s planning procedures and decision taking integrity relating to the Planning Applications 12/02091/OUT; 12/03849/FUL; and 13/04015/OUT as well as the inclusion of the Ledsham Road, Little Sutton, site in the Draft Local Plan.

The complaint now resides with the 'Solutions Team' of CWaC & was also copied to (amongst others) Andrew Millar MP (Local MP) & Eric Pickles MP (The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government).

You can view/print/download the complaint by clicking on the link below:

(It's also available to view/print/download from the 'Downloads' column on the right-hand side of this page.)

****** UPDATE: Read the Council's response HERE. ******

Monday, December 9, 2013

Press Release - Dec 07 '13


As many of you will have heard, the Council’s Strategic Planning Committee on 05 December 2013 voted to APPROVE by 5 votes to 2 with 2 abstentions, Redrow’s resubmitted Outline Planning Application to build in the region of 1570 houses on land south of Ledsham Road, Little Sutton, following a recommendation for approval from the Officers. This despite the fact that this follow up Planning Application being little different from the one for 2000 houses that was unanimously rejected by the SPC in June! How could the decision be different when so little has changed?

This is a bad day for the residents of Little Sutton and the Green Lane area of Great Sutton, democracy in general and our local authority’s planning processes.

It is a bad day for democracy as the views of local residents have been totally ignored. The local authority have shown scant regard for their views on their neighbourhood development, their values, and the impact on their quality of life, and ignored totally L&MAG’s measured and well argued points that are material considerations. Clearly Localism has no meaning in Cheshire West and Chester.

It is a bad day for the local authority’s planning process as it has shown that they are willing to ignore all the major environmental impact problems that this development will create, not least the increased traffic problems for existing and new residents and through commuters; and have placed no value whatsoever on the preservation of high quality farmland and essential green space. They are clearly willing to risk the very real problems of flooding and drainage and subject the local community to over 20 years of disruption. All of this whilst many brownfield sites exist to adequately meet the local housing need. Just one more step in the concreting over of all green spaces in the Ellesmere Port area. Urban sprawl at its worst.

This decision is supposedly forced upon the Council as they have been dilatory in creating a realistic and deliverable Local Plan; have insisted on an unrealistic and unattainable growth aspiration and housing need for the Borough in the current economic climate; resulting therefore in their inability to meet the Government 5 year forward supply requirements; and thereby being forced to approve any planning application that comes forward however undesirable, problematic or unnecessary in that locality. They have been playing a numbers game with scant consideration of what housing and what type of housing is really needed and where. This coupled with a very evident developer bias from some members, and pressure from some quarters.

The contempt shown to local residents was evident when the date for the determination of this follow up Application and its venue was changed to Chester as opposed to Ellesmere Port; making it difficult for working residents to attend and then with limited capacity for attendees and with attendant parking problems; this says it all. By doing this, this also forced an almost completely new committee because of unavailability, with the clear intention that changing the committee would increase the chances of approval this time round. The only member remaining from the previous committee apart from the chairman was the Conservative party whip and it was he who proposed the motion to approve the Application supported then by the other 4 Conservative Councillors without any valid reasons given for the approval!

We in Ledsham & Manor Action Group know that we could not have done any more to present our position; we detailed our arguments clearly, extensively and in relevant planning terms. Many people have tirelessly given of their time to help us put together these strong arguments against the development, or assisted in other ways eg delivering newsletters. To them we give our thanks.

Those in the Council responsible for this decision should be ashamed of themselves, especially 2 of the 4 Labour Councillors who chose to abstain rather than have the courage to stand up for what they knew to be right.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

SPC meeting 16th of Dec, 2013

Redrow's application to build 1570 houses on the Ledsham Road farmland was APPROVED with only two of the committee members voting in favour of refusal.
LAMAG do NOT have any right to appeal this decision, which is final.

A full newsletter will, hopefully, be ready for distribution during the week commencing 16th December & will therefore also be available to view & download from this website.


Graham Penness and Graham Phipp, your co-chairmen.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Supplementary Objection to 13/04015/OUT, submitted

LAMAG's Supplementary Objection to Planning Application 13/04015/OUT has been submitted to Council.

You can view/print/download the Objection by clicking on the link below:

(It's also available to view/print/download from the 'Downloads' column on the right-hand side of this page.)

LAMAG has submitted comment on The Draft Local Plan (Part 1)

Earlier today LAMAG submitted comments on the the Draft Local Plan (Part 01).

The comments are on the following aspects of the Plan:

  • 01 Local Plan in total ‘legal compliance’
  • 02 STRAT2 Borough Housing Need ‘soundness’
  • 03 STRAT4 Ellesmere Port Housing Need ‘soundness’
  • 04 STRAT4 Ledsham Road Allocation ‘legal compliance’
  • 05 STRAT4 Ledsham Road Allocation ‘soundness’

You can read them by either looking under the Draft Local Plan Comments heading in the Downloads column to the right-hand side of this page, or by clicking on their respective links below.

    Thursday, October 3, 2013

    Brief Objection to 13/04015/OUT, submitted.

    LAMAG's Brief Objection to Planning Application 13/0415/OUT has been submitted to Council.

    You can view/print/download the Objection by clicking on the link below:

    Don't forget that all documents previously submitted by LAMAG (including this one), are available to view/print/download from the 'Downloads' column on the right-hand side of this page.